• What do you expect to get out of this website?

  • Did this website meet your expectations? (1 being never and 5 being definitely) </li>






    · Have you used a website like this before?

    § Yes

    § No

    · If yes what is the name of the site?

    • Would you use it to plan your next camping trip?
    • Yes
    • No

    · If no why not?

    · How likely are you to recommend this site to a friend? (1 being never and 5 being definitely)






    · If 1 or 2 then why not?

    • Any recommendations or things you would like to see added?

    • Age:

    • Gender:

    • Marital status:

    • Children? If so how many


    A short survey was conducted to see whether people would be generally interested in usi ng the AusCamper wiki. It was interesting to see that only 20% of the people who completed the survey had used a website that is similar to ours. However, they couldn’t remember what the site they had used was called which tells us that even though some people had used another website it clearly didn’t create that memorable experience for them so they disregarded the site after they used it for the first and last time.


    When it came to what everyone expected to get from this website they all had similar :

    · Having relevant information and local information available to them not necessarily the information you would find on the “official website”

    · Allow them to find places that are popular and also places that are hidden away that people may not necessarily know about

    · Wanted to be able to plan the whole camping trip through the website.

    All these things are what we want to be able to provide for the user. We want them to be able to find those really good camping sites that no one knows about as well as finding good camping sites that everyone knows about. While being able to log on and plan everything they want to do on it. So it was good to see that everyone that participated in this survey said they would use this website to plan their next camping trip. However when it came to whether they would recommend the website to a friend only 20% said they definitely would and 40% said they might. It looks like the only problem will be is getting the ball rolling with people signing up, because if people aren’t recommending our website to other people they may or may not find us online.

    Graph 2

    One thing that was recommended to us was including online shopping. It was one thing we hadn’t considered but we felt that the articles about new products and the advertising would be enough.

    Kaitlyn Pittendreigh (s0194765)