Target Market:

There are basically three different groups of people we are trying to target with this web page they are single (Male/Female), Couples and families. From our basic knowledge of these groups this is what we expect each of these groups to be looking for:

Single (Male/Female):

· A little bit more adventurous

· Will do more of the outback camping

· Tents

· Activities aren’t really a big concern


· looking to spend more money doing activities

· caravans/tents/ camper trailers

· will want to be more at a camping grounds but still may want the outdoors experience

· will want to know all the best places to visit while in the area


· looking for family friendly camping grounds

· will want things to entertain the kids but nothing too expensive

· caravans/camper trailer

· will want to know what sort of facilities are available at each camping ground


There will be all sorts of information made available to users, they will be able to review the latest camping gear and technology, as well as seeing information about where are the best camping grounds and the areas to avoid on their trip. There will also be the general information like seeing what the weather will be like and what sort of activities you can do in the area.

Forums and Discussions:

People will be able to discuss on forums about particular camping grounds, food, camping gear and ect, this way people can give their opinions on that particular topic as well as recommend things/places to people that others may not have considered.There will also be a general chat function which will allow people to go onto it and ask for help if they need it and get an answer immediately rather than having to wait for days on end to learn what they need to know.

There will also be a photo gallery where people can upload their camping pictures for others to see. This shows users the type of experience that that person got from the camping ground and what the environment is like so this way they know what to expect if they decide to go there as well.

Kaitlyn Pittendreigh (s0194765)